Who Are We?

Blake Building and Home Improvement LLC is a building and home improvement company licensed under Blake E. Horn

Where Did We Come From?

In 1952, Blake's Grandfather started a remodeling company which consisted of himself a handful of skilled laborers. 'Grandpa' Horn and his remodeling company, H&H Construction, soon rose to a respectable standing in the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Communities as a remodeling company which provides consistent, quality workmanship. This reputation built from years of hard work and dedication to quality allowed for growth into commercial territory and take on projects which included subcontracts for the interior completion of Briarwood Mall, Hidden Valley Apartments, Glencoe Hills Apartments,  as well as many other primary and subcontracts for the completion of many of the businesses and apartment complexes you pass by today.

In 1981,  It was time for Grandpa to retire and so he passed on his business to his eldest son, Blake's Father. Blake's Father continued on to complete numerous remodels on many of the new and historic homes you pass regularly as well as completed many new homes and neighborhoods throughout the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area which included numerous custom homes on Stony Creek Road, Textile Rd, Parview drive, and others. 

What Comes Next?

 In keeping with the tradition of carving out a name for himself in regard to quality of workmanship in the community, Blake has decided continue the family tradition of quality building by opening his own company, Blake Building & Home Improvement LLC. 

It is with this new name and tradition for quality workmanship that Blake plans to make Blake Building and Home Improvement LLC a household name for new building and custom home remodeling just as his father and grandfather did before him.